A New Climate for Peace

Taking Action on Climate and Fragility Risks

This independent report, commissioned by the G7 members, identifies seven compound climate-fragility risks that pose serious threats to the stability of states and societies in the decades ahead. Based on a thorough assessment of existing policies on climate change adaptation, development cooperation and humanitarian aid, and peacebuilding, the report recommends that the G7 take concrete action, both as individual members and jointly, to tackle climate-fragility risks and increase resilience to them.


Resilience Compass

When climate change exacerbates conflicts and crises, resilience must be the compass for foreign policy. The Resilience Compass features news, reflections and opinions on climate change and fragility, with contributions from the Wilson Center’s New Security Beat, International Alert and guest authors.


Factbook, Readings, Events

This collection of resources complements and extends the analysis of the report. It contains an interactive factbook allowing users to explore case studies from around the world and provides background readings and contextualized report and event summaries.

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Climate Change Is a Security Story: Patricia Espinosa's Address at Munich Security Conference

21 February, 2017 by UN Climate Change Newsroom

At the annual Munich Security Conference, the UN’s top climate change official UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa gave an opening address at a discussion on human security and climate security. In her address, she called for a reframing of the narrative around climate change. She said that too often, the “story” around climate change only touched on issues such as clean technology, resources and weather. She urged participants of the conference to reframe climate change as a “security story”, given its far-ranging implications for global peace and stability.

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Global Water and National Security: Why the Time Is Now

07 February, 2017 by Sherri Goodman Ruth Greenspan Bell and Nausheen Iqbal

While all Americans know water is a precious resource, most of us take it for granted – until it’s not there when we need it. Three authors from the Wilson Center argue that water scarcity is undermining economic growth, limiting food production, and becoming an increasing threat to peace and security.

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New “Backdraft” Podcast Series, on the Peace and Conflict Consequences of Climate Responses

30 January, 2017 by Lauren Herzer Risi

The science is clear: To prevent major disruption, the global community must take steps to address climate change. But it is also increasingly clear that efforts to address climate change can have major effects on societies that are not always anticipated.

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G7 Workshop on Climate Change, Fragility and International Security in Tokyo

19 January, 2017 by Stella Schaller

On 19 January 2017, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan hosted a G7 roundtable seminar with international experts and country representatives to follow up on the group's efforts to address climate-fragility risks.

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Backdraft Revisited: The Conflict Potential of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation

12 January, 2017 by Lauren Herzer Risi

Whether or not we respond to climate change – and the security implications of that decision – is a major public policy question. But increasingly experts are paying closer attention to how we respond.

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2017 Is Pivotal for U.S. Leadership on Global Water Security

06 January, 2017 by John Oldfield
US Army at the Lake of Ozarks

2017 promises to be a key year for U.S. government leadership on a variety of issues. Not least among them is global water security. Never have the challenges of global water security been so severe, and never have the opportunities for American leadership in the sector been greater.

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Addressing Radicalization and Violent Extremism Through Climate Action

03 January, 2017 by Aliou M. Dia

Karamoja Cluster conflict

Climate change and violent extremism will be two of the major threats to the stability of states and societies in the next decades. In many African countries climate change has significantly increased instability by over-stretching the already limited capacity of governments to respond. UNDP Team Leader Aliou M. Dia shares his insights from West Africa and argues that one has to ensure that violence and conflict prevention measures are fully integrated in climate change adaptation plans and programmes.

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A Community of Practice for Planetary Security

01 January, 2017 by adelphi

Planetary Security Conference

Climate change is no longer an 'environmental' issue only but a global security concern that has gained the attention of diplomats, defense communities, development practitioners, and others. 300 experts and policy makers gathered in The Hague from 5-6 December 2016 to exchange on strategies to address climate-risks effectively. At the annual conference, a diverse 'community of practice' is built to jointly work on resilience.

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Heat, Hunger, War Force Africans Onto a “Road on Fire”

30 December, 2016 by Wilson Center Staff


The world dismisses them as economic migrants. The law treats them as criminals who show up at a nation’s borders uninvited. Prayers alone protect them on the journey across the merciless Sahara. But peel back the layers of their stories and you find a complex bundle of trouble and want that prompts the men and boys of West Africa to leave home, endure beatings and bribes, board a smuggler’s pickup truck and try to make a living far, far away. They do it because the rains have become so fickle, the days measurably hotter, the droughts more frequent and more fierce, making it impossible to grow enough food on their land.

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Liberia: Climate Change Adaptation Offers Peacebuilding Plan

21 December, 2016 by Jonathan Rozen

Monrovia Liberia. UNDP/ (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Recognizing the risks to development posed by climate change and lessons learned on integrating environmental governance and peacebuilding, implementation of Liberia’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP) with cooperation from climate finance institutions offers an opportunity to plan and create an environment for sustainable peace, explains Jonathan Rozen.

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Bridging the Gap Between Forestry and Peacebuilding: Insights from Myanmar

15 December, 2016 by Clemence Finaz and Saw Doh Wah

Acute competition to access valuable resources in forested areas in Myanmar has, amongst other factors, contributed to large-scale deforestation and environmental degradation. This has had disastrous consequences for local communities dependent upon these forests for food, water, fuel, shelter and income.

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